· Oct 13, 2021

CNEDIMTS: Notice on home infusion medical devices


Following :

  • the notice of proposal to modify the terms and conditions of reimbursement for home infusion medical devices and associated services registered in Title I of the list of products and services provided for in Article L. 165-1 of the Social Security Code published in the Official Journal on June 25, 2021,
  • the contradictory phase provided for in article R.165-9 of the social security code.

The CNEDiMTS has issued recommendations on these products following the observations that were sent to it.
The draft notice announces changes to the methods of reimbursement for home infusion medical devices and associated services, mainly concerning clarification of the role of the various players and the fixed rates applicable to certain infusion methods, when the health care establishment is the place where the treatment is initiated.


Infusion devices and associated services, referred to in Section 2 of Chapter I of Title I of the LPP, were included in 2016 in three main categories of packages: those for installation, those for monitoring and those for consumables.
These packages depend on the infusion modality prescribed. The nomenclature individualizes the packages corresponding to an infusion by gravity, by active system or by diffuser, but also the place where the treatment is initiated: in a health care facility or at the patient's home.


CNEDIMTS' report:

The commission suggests several unsolicited proposals to clarify the conditions for prescribing and reimbursing medical devices for infusion and associated services:

  • Concerning infusions by active system initiated in a health care facility 
  • Concerning the monitoring package for infusions by diffuser initiated in a health care institution 
  • Concerning the notion of home vein guard

In the absence of any precision in the draft notice as to the timeframe that would be applied from the publication of the envisaged changes, and although the timeframes for implementing the nomenclature are not within the remit of the CNEDiMTS, the Commission considers that the timeframe necessary for the transition to the application of the new nomenclature must imperatively take into account the adjustments required by the various stakeholders in terms of organization and logistics in particular.

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