· Jun 21, 2023

Early reimbursement "PECT" approved for The Insides system

MEDITECH ACCESS proudly announces a major achievement: The Insides® Company's Chyme Reinfusion System receives coveted PECT (Prise en Charge Transitoire) reimbursement in France. Notably, this remarkable accomplishment marks the third approval of its kind to date.

Breaking barriers in medical technology, The Insides Company has successfully secured 'prise en charge transitoire' (PECT) reimbursement in France for its innovative Chyme Reinfusion System. This remarkable milestone represents early coverage approval for groundbreaking medical technologies, highlighting the rapid availability of compelling clinical and medico-economic evidence.

Endorsed by the esteemed Ministère de la Santé et de la Prévention, this interim reimbursement enables the use of 'The Insides System' to treat type II intestinal failure in France. This groundbreaking development empowers The Insides Company to provide essential support to patients grappling with type II intestinal failure, while simultaneously pursuing 'liste des produits et prestations remboursables' (LPPR) reimbursement.

Garth Sutherland, CEO of The Insides Company, expressed profound gratitude, stating, "We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Ministère de la Santé et de la Prévention for their unwavering support and MediTech Access for their invaluable guidance throughout this transformative journey. France has always been at the forefront of chyme reinfusion innovation, and we are honored to build upon the pioneering studies led by Dr. Etienne Levy, Dr. Denis Picot, and their esteemed colleagues. Our mission is to deliver innovative therapeutic medical devices that revolutionize patient outcomes, particularly those affected by intestinal catastrophes."

About Type II Intestinal Failure and Chyme Reinfusion Therapy

Type II intestinal failure refers to the incapacitation of the gut to adequately absorb crucial water, macronutrients, micronutrients, and electrolytes, necessitating intravenous supplementation or replacement to sustain life. This condition can stem from factors like malabsorption, surgical resection, fistulas, dysmotility, or mechanical obstruction. Typically, patients recovering from colorectal surgery require an enterostomy to divert chyme away from the surgical site during the healing process. However, the disposal of collected chyme during the 6-12 month open enterostomy period can lead to intestinal failure and other complications.

The Insides System is an exceptional medical device meticulously designed for chyme reinfusion therapy, offering hope to patients with high-output enterocutaneous fistulas and high-output enterostomies. By enabling oral feeding to resume, this innovative approach delivers substantial clinical benefits, improves health economics, and enhances patients' overall quality of life.