· Dec 17, 2021

Early Funding Pathway (PECT): Neovasc Reducer is the first medical device to receive a positive HAS opinion

We are proud to announce the favorable appraisal of the HAS for an early funding of the Neovasc Reducer System, developed by Neovasc Inc, under Article L.165-1-5 of the Social Security Code, a.k.a. transitional coverage / "prise en charge transitoire".

Neovasc Inc, with the support of MediTech Access, is thus the first company to have taken the first step in this new fast-track procedure proposed by the health authorities to breakthrough innovations whose aim is to meet insufficiently covered medical needs for severe pathologies.

The next step is the evaluation by the Ministry of Health of the amount of the compensation proposed by Neovasc Inc. If the application procedure is fully achieved, this new technology would therefore be quickly available in early 2022 in French hospital centers for patients with severe clinical conditions, such as angina pectoris refractory to current pharmacological treatments and contraindicated or at high risk of revascularisation by coronary artery bypass surgery or percutaneous coronary intervention.

Source: Industrie-mag

Please don't hesitate to contact us, should you have any question related to the transitional coverage. We would be very pleased to support you in such actions.