· Oct 26, 2023

Webinar: Coverage with Evidence Development / Innovation pathway


In this Webinar, we will explore how the French system for "Coverage with Evidence Development" programs and Innovation Pathways, and how they provide early access to innovative medical devices even when pivotal data is still under development or not yet initiated.  

Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) Programs

PECT offers a path for innovative medical devices to receive provisional reimbursement, even in the absence of full clinical data. The idea is to grant access to innovative technologies while simultaneously collecting data to support their continued reimbursement.

Read more about PECT in this blog.

Another pathway is the “Innovation Package” designed to streamline the reimbursement process for novel medical technologies. This pathway aims to fund a major part of a pivotal trial and provide a framework for expedited access to funding for groundbreaking products.

Experts' Insights:

In this webinar you will be able to hear from the experts who successfully have supported several companies through these programs.



Ouassim, a pharmacist who graduated in 2016 and a former resident pharmacist, holds a master’s degree in international regulatory affairs from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Lille, France, as well as a university diploma in market access and health economics from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Monastir, Tunisia. In his role as a Market Access consultant, he assists MedTech companies and Start-ups in securing early access and/or reimbursement for their medical devices and digital health solutions. Ouassim specializes in providing customized market access solutions for medical devices in France, offering a range of services from strategic consultations to comprehensive, long-term in-house support throughout the reimbursement and innovation funding processes.

Michel Verhasselt

Michel is a renowned expert in health economics, Market Access, pricing, and reimbursement, boasting over 30 years of experience in leadership roles for industry giants like Johnson and Johnson, Baxter, Linde, Allianz/World Aid, and Edward Lifesciences. His accomplishments include securing funding and reimbursement for groundbreaking innovations such as transcutaneous aortic valves (TAVI) in multiple countries and developing expertise in various therapeutic areas. As the CEO of MediTech Access, a consulting firm he founded in 2012, Michel continues to empower Medtech companies and startups, facilitating early funding and reimbursement strategies in French-speaking countries

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