· Nov 07, 2022

PLF 2023: adopted

The entire Finance Bill (PLF) for 2023 is considered adopted on first reading in the National Assembly on Friday after the deputies rejected the motion of censure.
The text has been sent to the Senate to be examined by the Finance Committee on Wednesday, before being read in public session from Thursday 17 November.

The main measures regarding health products are :

  • Removal of the contribution for high-growth, high-sales drugs.
  • 70% of the so-called "safeguard clause" contribution will be calculated on a pro rata basis of sales, instead of 100% currently. The remaining 30% will be calculated based on the increase in turnover.
  • Submission of a report to parliament on the economic regulation of the pharmaceutical industry before July 1, 2023.
  • Removal of the referral mechanism in favor of a report to parliament on its implementation.
  • Removal of the provisions concerning security of supply in the context of a first registration on the "community list", "city list" or "retrocession list" as well as the associated sanctions.
  • Implementation of substitution for medical devices listed under brand name and generic description.
  • Creation of a new commission dedicated to the evaluation of diagnostic technologies.