· Oct 07, 2022

Postponement of the entry into common law of remote patient monitoring to July 1, 2023

The entry into the common law of remote patient monitoring, initially planned for July 1, 2022, is "postponed to July 1, 2023" according to the new provisional timetable established by the Ministry, but "the objectives of the reform are maintained".
As a reminder, the transition to common law reimbursement of remote monitoring from July 1 was voted in Article 36 of the Social Security Financing Act (LFSS) for 2022, but the publication of two decrees and a decree setting interoperability standards and reimbursement rates is still pending.
Louise Pihouée, head of the telehealth project at the French Ministry of Health and Social Services (DGOS), explains:
- "the complexity of the application texts required an in-depth phase of preparation and consultation, making it impossible to maintain the initial schedule";
- "We have been slow to agree on the two packages [health professionals and medical devices], negotiations are still underway; and on the final structuring, because these texts provide a framework for the entire operation of evaluation and financing, and all of this has taken a long time to put in place.
- "We were also in a presidential election year and that also lengthens the deadlines. The texts have been ready for a while, but we are in the middle of the Social Security Financing Law and we are now waiting for them to go before the Council of State."