· Jul 27, 2021

Three orders published in the Journal Officiel about the national health data system

What is the national health data system (SNDS)?

The SNDS is a unique system in Europe that will eventually link data from the French health insurance system, hospitals, disability data, and a sample of data from supplementary health insurance organisations. The purpose of the SNDS is to make these data available for studies, research or evaluation in the public interest.

Any person or structure, public or private, profit-making or not, may access SNDS data with the authorisation of the National commission for information technology and civil liberties (CNIL), with a view to carrying out a study, research or evaluation of public interest.


Three orders were published in the Journal Officiel on 24 July concerning the French national health data system.

One sets out the model describing the characteristics of projects involving individual data from the national health data system, with a standard document attached to the order.

The other sets out the model describing the information concerning authorisations to access data in the national health data system, thus defining the persons authorised to access these health data. These authorisations are controlled by the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties.

Finally, the last orders establishes the strategic committee on health data. It recalls their missions, i.e. to provide the minister with elements of orientation and decision relating to the implementation and development of the national health data system. Their mandate is for a period of five years. For information, the full composition of the committee is detailed in the order.

The availability of these data in specific studies is very valuable and adds an extra dimension to the clinical evaluation, with the added value of real-life data. 


You will find all the details of those three order in the links below:


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