· Oct 21, 2022

PLFSS 2023: the article on the safeguard clause partially rewritten

The government has partially rewritten Article 29 of the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) for 2023 dealing with the safeguard clause for drugs and medical devices.
The specific safeguard clause for high-growth drugs previously provided for is deleted. There will be a modification of the distribution of the safeguard clause "which will no longer be exclusively based on the pro rata of the turnover but will include, up to 30%, the taking into account of the evolution of the turnover of the companies". Companies created within the last year are not liable for the portion of the contribution allocated according to the increase in turnover, unless the creation results from a split or merger of a company or group.
The amendment moves Article 29 of the PLFSS to the third part (revenue) of the bill, "thus respecting the logic proposed by the Social Affairs Committee"