· Sep 24, 2021

PLFSS 2022: the preliminary draft

The preliminary draft of the social welfare financing law project (PLFSS) for 2022, whose main orientations were unveiled on Friday by the ministers in charge of social welfare, includes 64 articles.
The PLFSS itself is due to be presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday 6 October.

Part I - Provisions relating to the 2020 fiscal year

Article 1: approval of the balance tables, the national welfare fund (Ondam) and the elements relating to the Retirement Reserve Fund (FRR), the Old Age Solidarity Fund (FSV) and the Social Debt Redemption Fund (Cades)
Article 2: Approval of the attached report on the surpluses or deficits for fiscal year 2020 and the assets and liabilities table

Part Two - Provisions for fiscal year 2021

article 3: affiliation, under this activity, of a portion of the health personnel mobilized on the Covid-19 vaccination
article 4: relaxation of the rules for combining employment and retirement for healthcare professionals during the epidemic crisis
article 5: securing the basic pension rights of non-agricultural self-employed workers affected by administrative closures
article 6: reduction of the tax on the wholesale of pharmaceutical specialties
article 7: relaxation of the deadline for signing the contracts provided for in article 50 of the 2021 social welfare financing law (LFSS)
article 8: financial transfers between social security branches
article 9: rectification of the balance tables
article 10: rectification of the Ondam and sub-Ondams
article 11: correction of the Health Investment Modernization Fund (FMIS) allocation

Part Three - Provisions relating to revenues and the balance of social security for the year 2022

article 12: further unification of collection in the social sphere
article 13: immediate payment of social and fiscal aid to personal services
article 14: harmonization of the fiscal and social regime of public employers' contributions to complementary social protection
article 15: extension of the experimentation of self-assessment and suppression of penalties in case of error in the estimation of income
article 16: reform of the social regime of the collaborating spouse
article 17: modification of the right of bank communication to optimize investigations
article 18: consistency of contributions in the field of health products
article 19: financial transfers between branches and schemes of social security
article 20: approval of the amount of compensation for exemptions
article 21: approval of the revenue estimates, broken down by category in the statement in Annex C to this Act, and the balance table, by branch, of all the compulsory basic social security schemes and the FSV
article 22: approval of the revenue estimates, broken down by category in the statement in Annex C to this Act, and the balance table, by branch, of the general scheme and the FSV
article 23: social debt amortization target and revenue forecasts for the FRR and FSV
article 24: list and cash ceilings for schemes and organizations authorized to use non-permanent resources
article 25: approval of the report on the multi-year evolution of social security financing

Part Four - Provisions relating to the expenditure and balance of social security for the year 2022

article 26: definition of the coverage model for remote monitoring in general law
article 27: implementation of reforms in the financing of health and medico-social institutions
article 28: adjustment of the financing of the emergency room reform
article 29: changes in the activities of armed forces hospitals
article 30: isolation and restraint
article 31: extension of the Ségur core measure to the medico-social sector
article 32: reforming and upgrading the supply of home-based autonomy services
article 33: creation of a territorial resource center Ehpad mission
article 34: creation of a national information system for the management of the personalized autonomy allowance (APA)
article 35: digital innovation and early access
article 36: unilateral discounts for medicines and changes relating to the registration of certain medical devices
article 37: emergency production of critical medicines and rules relating to pharmaceutical preparations
article 38: direct access to the reimbursed market following the opinion of the Haute autorité de santé (HAS)
article 39: use of biosimilar medicines
article 40: pricing of medicines and industrial criteria
article 41: compliance with the serialisation obligation for pharmacies
article 42: improving access to the visual channel
article 43: prescribing procedures for masseur-physiotherapists
article 44: generalization of experiments in health
article 45: extension of the Halte soins addictions experiment
article 46: extension of experiments on pre-hospital emergency medical transport
article 47: extension of free contraception up to the age of 25
article 48: simplification of access to supplementary health insurance
article 49: extension of the measures relating to the health crisis
article 50: simplification and modernization of cash benefits for employees and self-employed workers
article 51: simplification and modernization of cash benefits for self-employed farmers
article 52: generalization of the use of financial intermediation of alimony payments
article 53: improvement of the compensation of professional victims of pesticides
Article 54: Purchase of basic pension quarters for self-employed workers
article 55: extension of the progressive retirement to employees with fixed-term contracts and to corporate officers
article 56: allocations to the FMIS, to regional health agencies (ARS) and to the National Office for Compensation for Medical Accidents (Oniam)
article 57: expenditure targets for the sickness, maternity, disability and death branch
article 58: Ondam and sub-Ondam
article 59: allocations to the Asbestos Victims Compensation Fund (Fiva), to the Asbestos Workers' Early Retirement Fund (FCAATA), transfer of compensation for under-reporting of occupational accidents and diseases (AT-MP), and expenses generated by the mechanisms for taking into account hardship
article 60: expenditure target for the occupational injuries branch
article 61: expenditure target for the old-age branch
article 62: expenditure target for the family branch
article 63: expenditure targets for the autonomy branch
article 64: forecasts of the expenses of the bodies contributing to the financing of compulsory schemes (FSV).


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