· Nov 12, 2021

PLFSS 2022: 80 million euros of new savings to be found on medical devices

Of the 200 million euros of savings expected on the medical device (DM), "120 million correspond to the effects of postponement, or decisions already taken in the previous negotiation", leaving 80 million euros of savings to be found by "new measures", explained Tuesday the president of the CEPS, Philippe Bouyoux, at a conference organized by the Snitem.
Philippe Bouyoux assured that the CEPS had "got the message that the cuts are too brutal" and that it would try to propose "less brutal cuts". He also explained that the committee is thinking about "moving to a multi-year approach for negotiations." "We are already in an intermediate situation in which we can incorporate deadlines for cuts that go beyond one year to give visibility. We could enter the negotiations with a multi-year target, for example, over three years."

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