· Nov 23, 2021

Report to Parliament on innovative health experiments: Article 51

Since 2018, the "Article 51" scheme supported projects and innovations that meet the new challenges of the Health System.

The ministry of health recently presented a report on this "Article 51" to the parliament.

Some figures in brief:
- 103 projects authorized or in the process of being authorized at the end of September 2021 covering almost the entire French territory.
- 3 out of 5 authorized projects have a regional scope.
- 460 M€ of authorized expenses since the creation of the system.
- 22 authorized projects taking into account telehealth.
- More than half of the submitted projects target a chronic pathology.
- More than 1 million patients concerned.
- 80% of the experiments concern care provided outside the hospital.
Moreover, the innovation policy support is reaffirmed by the announcement of the creation of the Health Innovation Agency, which will be accompanied by a strategic review in which the Article 51 system, which has become the benchmark for organizational innovations, must be integrated. Because of the way it's rooted in the landscape and how it's recognized by the players and it's rapid development, the "article 51" system, in its current configuration, has reached a critical size and needs to be reexamined in order to continue to meet its ambitions.


More details about the report following this link: https://solidarites-sante.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/rapport_parlement_article_51_2021.pdf

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