· Jul 29, 2021

"Walk Hop, Tele-cardiac rehabilitation, a new mode of cardiac rehabilitation outside the walls of the SSR" experimentation

Order of 13 July 2021 - Official Journal of The Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery and the Minister of Solidarity and Health, France :


The experimentation "Walk Hop, cardiac tele-rehabilitation, a new mode of out-of-hospital cardiac rehabilitation", falling under Article 51 of the Social Security Financing Law (LFSS) for 2018, was authorised by a decree published on Wednesday in the Official Journal, for a period of 42 months from the inclusion of the first patient.


Walk Hop is a cardiac Tele-rehabilitation for coronary patients, based on a close relationship between rehabilitation cardiologists and patients, using the Ensweet telemedicine solution. 


The objective of this experimentation is to allow patients suffering from an acute coronary syndrome and excluded from the rehabilitation pathway to benefit from home rehabilitation thanks to an innovative digital device. 


The aim is to obtain the same results in terms of functional capacity, reduction of cardiovascular events and re-hospitalisation in the medium and long term as with a classic centre-based programme, to prepare and facilitate adherence to phase III, to obtain a reduction in transport costs, and to obtain a reduction in the time spent by doctors and health care staff.


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