· Mar 13, 2023

Telemonitoring: New Technical & Operator's pricing proposals

Operator's package pricing (for healthcare professionals delivering the monitoring): 

  • The remuneration of health professionals for remote monitoring should be set at 28 euros per month and per patient. This flat rate includes therapeutic support for the patient.
  • Negotiations on possible increases in the package are underway for diabetes and heart failure.
  • Another package, of 10 euros per month per patient, is proposed for remote monitoring without therapeutic support and could apply to patients with implantable cardiac prostheses.

Technical package princing (for the digital health device providers):

  • The average annual rate per patient suggested by the DSS is ranging from 117.6 euros to 1,100 euros per patient per year, depending on the number of patients concerned and the benefit provided by the remote monitoring medical service.
  • The lump-sum payment for a service will be determined on the basis of its clinical and organizational value. Negotiations are currently underway to determine the different levels of clinical impact.
  • Rate depreciation thresholds will be applied based on the number of patients under monitoring.
  • De-listing of telemonitoring activities that has a lower benefit than a new one on the same indication : the DSS proposes a flat-rate tariff reduction (25% then 50%) over 2 years before delisting.
  • Finally, the fee for digital solutions covered under a PECA would be 600 euros.