· Jul 13, 2021

Read’hy and experimentations through Article 51

Since July 7, 2021, The Connected Cardiac Rehabilitation program Read'hy will benefit from an experimentation through the Article 51 of LFSS 2018, for a 36-month period, to evaluate its benefit in terms of healthcare organization.

READ'HY is a hybrid phase II cardiac rehabilitation (CR) program (period between the end of the intensive care unit and the end of the stay in a follow-up care unit) for stabilized patients combining physical activity sessions in autonomy at home and sessions with medical consultation and therapeutic education in a specialized center.

Read'hy is judged innovative, given:

  • Its model of care, which combines human and technical aspects throughout the course of treatment,
  • Its management, which takes place very early after the coronary event,
  • Its design, which considers the comfort of the patient,
  • Its pathway, which reduces the constraints of conventional programs while maintaining quality of care,
  • Its model that clearly addresses chronic disease.

Read'hy implies a new and innovative organization model that meets a significant need in the field of post-infarction patient care.

Do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions about this procedure.